Monday, December 7, 2009

4 month check up

Friday was Evan's 4 month check-up. He is now 17.1 pounds and 26 inches. We went to see a different Doctor a few weeks ago and some of the nurse's measurements were off. Our Doctor said Evan is now in the 75-90th percentile.

She decided that he should stay just on formula until his 6 month check up. She wants to make sure his tummy is ready. She was so happy with how he is growing and developing. The only "concern" she had was the back of Evan's head is getting a little flat. We need to keep him more upright while he is awake. This is not so much of a problem these days since Evan doesn't like being still and laying down for too long anyway.

Hanukkah is coming up on Friday and Evan is all set for his first "Celebration of Lights". We will be eating latkes and lighting candles and Evan has more than enough gifts to last 8 nights, thanks to all of his Grandparents.

Over the past few days Evan has started really connecting the dots. Now when he sees something interesting he tries to grab for it. Doesn't always get it but is trying. It is amazing to watch. He also LOVES Sesame Street. I put it on for him and he laughs and enjoys it so much.

Sleep is back to normal again. He is going down around 7pm and up around 2 or 3 am. The other morning he decided he was up at 6 am. But stayed in his crib until 7 playing and talking and laughing.

He knows his mom and dad and smiles the biggest grin when he sees either of us. What a great feeling to see that smiling face every day!

I think that is everything up to date. We are getting some new pictures taken so once we get them back we will share.

Happy Holidays.