Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ready for December

The end of this month has been busy and not always in a good way.

Over the weekend our dog Lady went to a new home. We realized about a month ago that Lady needed more than we could give her. She wasn't getting the excersize she needed and was suffering for that. We had gone through the Alternative Humane Society which was the organization we got her through over 2 years ago. There were 3 families that wanted Lady.

It seemed too good to be true when the best family was chosen. They live about an hour south of us on 10 acres of land. They are an older couple with the husband retired and they were looking for a Dobie/Rottie mix. The wife told me she thought it was deja-vu when she saw Lady's picture. They have always had dogs and Lady was just the one they wanted. I called to answer any questions they had and let them know about her aggression issues but their minds were made up. I hung up with them around 10am and by 12:30 Lady was in the car and on her way to her new home.

It was extremely hard to watch her leave. Isaac and I still look for her around the house.  I will look at where her bed used to be to see if she is sleeping or why isn't she waiting for dinner. It is getting easier every day.

So...then Saturday afternoon Evan was still running a temp that started Friday afternoon. I had called our dr since we were getting on a plane Monday morning. They said to call Sunday morning if he had a bad night. Well it took 4 HOURS to get him to sleep and I started seeing bumps on his hands.

Called the doctor Sunday morning (they have a clinic on the weekends) and they saw us right away. Evan was diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth disease. Sounds so much worse than it is. It's a virus that has Evan covered in bumps and also in his mouth and down his throat. He isn't complaining but his food intake is small.

The biggest problem with this virus is that Evan is very contagious for about 5-7 days. We had tickets to go to my brother's in Colorado to celebrate Thanksgiving and our niece Annabelle's first birthday. I was trying to find anyway that we could go but knew we couldn't go and risk getting anyone else sick.

We are now going in 3 weeks and luckily got most of our money back and use towards the new trip.

It seemed to be a sign not to go because the weather was so bad yesterday in Seattle I am not sure we would have made it to the airport.

So Evan and I are indoors until Friday and staying warm since it is 24 degrees out today. We will be having a small family Thanksgiving at home. We have made some wonderful friends here in Bellingham that have invited us to Thanksgiving dinner even though we can't go. It is so nice to have that support.

So here's to hoping that December is a better month with a lot less illness that November.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Beginning of Fall

I seemed to have blinked and it is a week before Thanksgiving! 
Not writing for October I can't remember everything that happened but I will do my best. 

October was a fun month with Halloween and trying some new activities. Evan and I have started taking a baby gymnastics class once a week. It is a great workout for both of us :) Evan being his ever cautious self had to check everything out and took a few weeks to try something new. He now LOVES when they parachute is taken out to play with. Last week he even went on the little swing which is on a zipline and of course had the biggest smile on his face the entire time and kept asking if he could go again and again. 

We had a blast for part of Halloween. We had a party with our Mommy and Me group. It was so cute to see all the kids in their costumes. Evan even wore his which I never thought would happen. I learned a valuable lesson with this costume thing.....don't make a big deal about putting the clothes on and Evan will never know he is wearing something different. 
Evan helping Mom carve the pumpkin
All of us in our Halloween get-ups

On Halloween Evan was sick and we got to stay home and hand out candy. It was fun to see all the kids. 

My mom (BeBe) came to visit and Evan soaked up all the attention. She taught him a very cute way to "sign" I Love You. He still does it and they do it every time we Skype. Evan even got to try some gelato for the first time. We found out the fruit flavors are dairy free. Evan was very mad when his snack was gone. 

Evan getting mad that there is none left

We have a little toddler roaming around the house. Evan is so so close to walking himself. He can hold onto one finger and walk but the second we let go he gently sits down. He walks about 3-4 steps every day. Evan just needs to gain confidence and off he will go!

It also seems like Evan is gaining new words on a daily basis. We still do plenty of signing and asking if that is what he wants. But I can also tell that when you say a word, many times he will try to copy the word. His comprehension is amazing. Now granted we are his parents and don't have other kids to compare to, but I can't get away with much these days. Evan knows we watch Elmo on the television and will point to our tv and say "Ehmo" and gets quite pissed when I tell him we aren't watching that yet. 

One of Evan's favorite things to do is sing. He can now help with No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. And now that Evan can say "no" he does it at the point in the song. Mr. Bossy will let us know the song he wants to sing/hear and if you are wrong he will let you know. 

We are about to get on a plane and go to Colorado to visit my brother and his family. Our little niece is turning 1 and there was no way I was going to miss that! It will be nice to get away for awhile and celebrate Thanksgiving with family. 

Here are some other great pictures from the past 2 months. 
They just look a little alike

Chillin with everything he needs while watching TV. Elmo I am sure
Loving the smoothie (with spinach)
Playing with the pumpkins

Found the perfect size pumpkin
Going apple and pumpkin picking

Driving his first John Deere

Until next time