Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Potty Training

I decided that being almost 6 months pregnant was not enough work with a toddler so why not work on potty training the boy. I am lucky that he was pretty easy. Minus the 42 (yes 42) times he went to the potty the first day, it was pretty smooth sailing for the weekend. And after a 4 day strike on poop, Evan gave in and got his "potty prize". A nice big crane. he talked about it all day yesterday and couldn't wait for Isaac to get home with it.
Yes, I bribed my child to use the toilet and I am ok with it :)
It has been 5 days and we haven't had an accident since Sunday and dry during naps most days. This boy rocks! The real test will be next week when our family comes to visit and  a lot of car rides. Thank goodness for portable potties and piddle pads for the car seats.

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