Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has sprung..and not a minute too soon

I am slacking on my blogging duties and will try to catch up on as much as possible. Evan is literally changing daily so I will try to do my best.

We are so so happy that spring is here. It feels that Evan has been more sick than not this winter season. I told our doctor when we were there AGAIN the other week that Evan should have the immune system of a super hero by the time he enters school! We have had many sleepless nights and our fair share of watching too many kid shows. Once we can get out doors again and get in the fresh air I hope the germs will dissipate.

We have really lucked out with Evan and traveling. He loves the plane and even asks to go on it again when we land. A 2 1/2 hour flight is not that long and seems to be good for him since he no longer wants to take naps on the plane. It was our first trip with Evan totally mobile and we were worried what was in store for us. He did amazing! The most excited he got was when we were in the Seatlle airport and he saw a plane with Mickey and company painted on it. He was screaming "mickey, duck" while running to the window.

The three of us just got back from Arizona where we watched our cousin Dana get married. Evan is very excited for our new cousin Brian who also has red hair :) It was a beautiful event and Evan did an amazing job meeting so many new people.

While we were in AZ, we watched Evan's vocabulary flourish. If you ask him to say a word or a name he tries his hardest to say it. He can now say many family members name's and many other things. Evan can now also count to 2! He needs both hands as he counts 1 on one hand and 2 on the other.

It's so amazing to watch his brain work and connect. The other big thing that Evan is doing is identifying letters and the sounds that they make. We watch a DVD from Leap Frog called The Letter Factory and it teaches the sounds. Evan will tell you the letter when he sees it on the screen and is working on their sounds. He actually points out letters on everything.

This past week we have hit the independence stage of toddler-hood. I have been bitten, laughed and at screamed at all by Evan. We had a few days of HORRIBLE temper tantrums. Evan would just sit down wherever and scream and cry. I had the joy of Evan having a tantrum at the children's museum and me carrying out a screaming, kicking child to our car. That seems to have been the worst for now but Evan has his moments.

Some things we just never had to worry about with Evan since he didn't seem interested or we thought he understood it wasn't safe. WRONG. In his streak to push every boundary he can. Evan likes to keep going towards a hot oven to touch and laughs when he is told it is hot and dangerous. So much fun :)

We love being able to talk and interact more and more each day with Evan.

Sorry for the super long post just trying to catch up.

Will try to post more frequently and pictures will follow soon