Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pictures from weeks 6 and 7 as well as an update

Ok, so I am still trying to figure out how to do the lay out, I think some of the comments I put on the pictures got cut off, but enjoy!

Being a cute baby is tough work!

Look at the cute monkey slippers. 

Looking adorable as always!

Had to put him in the outfit before he grew out of it. 

Lady wanted to be on the blanket, but settled on sleeping next to it instead

We had just put Evan on the blanket for tummy time and he fell asleep less than 2 minutes later. 

So I took this from a friend's blog to let you know how much Evan has changed in the 8 weeks he has been here!
Height: just shy of 24 inches (was 19 1/2 when he was born)
Weight: 11 lbs 7oz (was 6 lb 13 oz when born)
I discovered: lights! I love to stare at them when Mom is feeding me
New Things I can do this month: coo, smile, laugh (gasp but Mom and Dad take it as I am laughing)
My likes: Feeding time, bath time and any snuggle time with my mom and dad.
My dislikes: Burping, Lady licking my toes, being put down for a nap anywhere that is not my mom or the swing
How I sleep: Still working on this! Some nights 5 hours and others 2 :(
Some food I like: MILK!!!!!
Some toys I play with: Love the play mat and stare at all the toys over me. Also love my inch worm that makes all sorts of noises.
Special Moments: When I look at Mommy and Daddy and start cooing and talking to them.
Something I did that made Mommy & Daddy laugh: smile and make noises!@
I like to say: ahhh, ohhhh (sounds like hi sometimes)
Went on a trip to: the mail box, Marla and Danny's house for Rosh Hashana and Sarah and Todds. Greek fest and the grocery store!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Evan Matthew Konikoff weeks 4 and 5

Here are pictures from weeks 4 and 5 of Evan. Enjoy!

So this is about 7 1/2 weeks over due but I have decided to create a blog so that you can keep up with us and our little bundle of joy Evan. He is growing more and more every day and we love to share what is happening with all of our friends and family. I will try my hardest to post pictures every week.

Evan is growing leaps and bounds by the day! He is smiling and talking up a storm. He loves to coo and I think he is even starting to giggle a little. This is the best sound I think I have ever heard!

Sleep wise, this week has had NO rhyme or reason. Most nights Evan has been feeding every 3 hours, so I have been sleeping about 2 hours or less each time. Then last night we had an amazing stretch of sleep! Evan went down around 9pm and woke up at 2am!!! Too bad after that he didn't go back down until after 4am and then again at 7am. At least we had some sleep. Maybe tonight we can go back to sleep and not keep Mommy and Daddy up for 2 hours :)

Evan and I are starting to get a routine every day and I think it is making both of us happier. He usually wakes up around 7 or 7:30, eats and then we play for about 30-45 minutes and then it is nap time. This is repeated all day. We make sure to get out of the house each day even if it is just to check the mail down the street.

Again, I will try to keep this updated weekly. Thank you for checking in on us and watching our little bug grow!

- Samantha

our first baby Lady

Evan's first bath, this was one of the good parts

We had a pictures taken when Evan was about a week and a half old. He wasn't too happy about posing.

Trying to burp Evan and this came out hysterical. He looks like a balloon!
-picture by Sandi Heinrich