Saturday, February 12, 2011

18 months

I keep meaning to get on here and update but a busy toddler and an exhausted Mommy at the end of the day don't help. My baby is now a full blown toddler! He talks, disagrees, walks/runs, throws temper tantrum, has become a very picky eater and LOVES to try and say what we do.
Evan asking for more books since he doesn't seem to think he has enough

having fun with his toys

Loves his Thomas

At Evan's 18 month check up he weighed 25.8 lbs, 33 1/2 inches and his head measured 19 1/2 inches. So he is in the 40% for weight, 75% for height and 90% for his head :) The doctor thinks Evan will be about 6' when he gets older. Luckily Evan has slowed down in growing unlike his first year. We are able to keep clothes a little longer than before. Evan is long enough to wear 2T clothes but is no where near 27 lbs. So he will have saggy pants for awhile :)

Evan went to the allergist yesterday to be retested for his food allergies. I was hopeful but the allergies are still there. The good part is his reaction was less than it was 6 months ago. The doctor is very hopeful that Evan will be able to eat dairy and eggs before he is 3. We did learn that when Evan does test negative for his allergies it is going to be a VERY SLOW introduction. Like a tablespoon a day of milk (mixed in his formula) for a few days and then slowly increasing the amount. We had also mentioned how Evan has had croup 2 times in 2 months. The doctor said that if Evan gets it one more time in the next 10 months we will need to see them. Croup can be an indicator for asthma for a child with food allergies. 90% of children with food allergies get asthma! Fingers crossed that Evan will be in that 10%.

I went away for a weekend and left the boys to fend for themselves, it seemed to go great. I got in the car and Evan could care less that I was gone. All he said was "door".

being cute as always

playing in snow back from the beginning of January

the kid LOVES his football

18 months old and what a sharp dresser :)


the happy picture before the split lip

Speaking of vocabulary, Evan is just a talking machine. You ask him to say something and he sure tries. Doesn't always sound like the word but he knows what he is talking about. Door is again the word of choice and he likes to point to them or when people come in our out of our house. He always has to point out they used the door. There are too many words/signs that he is doing now to write down but he is a sponge (guess we should start watching what we say around him)

Evan has started recognizing letters AND can make the sound of a few of them. If I ask Evan "what starts with M" he will say "mama", he knows dada/daddy start with D and that BeBe/Baby start with B. Evan has a book for the tub called Bath Time. He will point and say the B,A,T,M and for the E he will point to himself for Evan. We have a play mat with pop out letters and he loves to just point at one to find out what I will tell him the letter is and the sound it makes. Watching him learn and connect things just blows my mind.

When Evan was first eating until a little after 1year he would eat just about anything you put in front of him. I would say at around 14 months that all stopped! We have a very very very picky eater on our hands which makes meal times not so fun. For a long time Evan would just look at his plate and say NO, but in the past week or so Evan will at least touch the food and at times even put it to his mouth! Then last night I was cutting up bell peppers and carrots and Evan tried and continued to eat them. He also ate pasta which he never touches. It was such a great feeling and a peaceful dinner (for a little anyway) since we were ALL eating.

I think I am all caught up for now.

More later