Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2011

So 2010 has no come and gone and 2011 is off to a great start. Right before Christmas we were finally able to get to Colorado and spend time with my brother, sister in law and adorable niece. It was nice and relaxing and so great to see the kids play together. They are about 4 months apart and was about time they got to meet. Only a few altercations over toys but I think Annabelle and Evan became fast friends.
My  brother Ross and niece Annabelle
Konikoff's in Nederland, Co
Evan and Annabelle sharing

While we were away Evan was working on his walking and now is a pro. He hasn't figured out how to stand not holding onto anything but that doesn't slow him down at all! Isaac and I agree we are glad he took his time learning to walk. He likes to just get up and go. Laughing and squealing in delight while he walks around the house.

It is so wonderful to hear Evan laugh and talk. If you ask him to say a word, he will try his best to say it and sometimes he gets the word perfect. I am starting to realize he will say something he shouldn't and that will be because of me. I am working hard and watching what comes out when I speak.

We love in the morning to hear Evan having a conversation with his Lovey while in bed. It puts me and Isaac in wonderful moods and has us laughing. We don't understand much but it sounds like Evan knows what is going on. He doesn't just talk in bed he will do this around the house and in the car. I asked him one day if he was singing along to the radio, he told me no. I then asked if he was just talking and he said, yeah.

For Evan's 1st birthday he got a play mat that has the alphabet and numbers on it. His new thing is to point to letters and numbers while you tell him what it is and what sound it makes. He also has magnets in the kitchen and does the same thing. He knows some letters and numbers. He has known the number eight for awhile. He is now pointing out the B and saying B or the sound it makes. We can ask him what starts with M and 99% of the time he will say Mama, and with the letter D he will say Dada or Daddy.

I am more impressed and amazed every day with what this child can comprehend and learn. He is a sponge and it is great to watch him take it all in.

Last week me, Evan and some of our friends went to the Seattle Aquarium. He couldn't stop saying and signing "fish". He could have stared at them all day. Watching the world through his eyes is so much fun.

We started up again this past week with our Mommy and Me class. Last session Evan was having some major separation issues from me and would scream and scream when I left. It was challenging for me and wasn't seeming to get better. On Tuesday I was prepared for the same situation, I said good bye and without even looking at me he said "bye-bye". I was so excited and relieved. He played and colored and didn't care I was gone for 30 minutes or so.

Isaac and I have also now been told " I love you" from Evan unprompted. My mom taught him how to sign it in their own special way. While we were in Colorado, Evan looked over at me and did the sign. I kept it together but that moment will be forever stamped in my mind.

The end of this month Evan will be 1 1/2. We are in shock how quick our little baby is transforming into a little boy.

Until next time.