Saturday, March 3, 2012

Long Time

It has been FOREVER since I have updated this site. But now is as good as time as ever to get back into working on it. I have said it before but I will try to be better at keeping this up to date.

Things have been busy lately. Evan is now closer to 3 than 2 and has the attitude to prove it! He wants to do everything himself and isn't afraid to tell you that. He whines all the time and we just keep working with him to "use his words" and he may even get what he wants.

Evan goes to a Montessori Preschool 3 mornings a week and just loves it. He moves up to the actual preschool in the fall. His ability to learn blows my mind and amazes me on a daily basis. It seems if we read him a book or sing him a song within a few days he will just start singing or repeating the book when he wakes up in the morning. How I wish for that memory :)

We are also expecting a new addition to the family! Baby K #2 is due around September 20, 2012. A nice High Holiday Baby. I have asked Evan about 4 or 5 times if he wants a baby brother or sister and every time he says sister. We asked him what "her" name should be and his standard answer is "no". So, the name Evan as come up with for the baby is "No Thank You Konikoff".

He kisses my belly which I don't think there is anything much sweeter than that and talks to the baby every once in awhile. His favorite thing to talk to it about is what he is eating. Pretty funny.

I have been much more tired this time around and morning sickness has been all day nauseousness. Seems to be getting better as I am nearing the beginning of my second trimester. Had an ultrasound last week and the baby didn't stop moving. I wish I could remember what Evan was like at that point but I am still pretty early.
Baby K's first picture

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